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Tahira Group of Companies

Integrity - Innovation - Collaboration

Tahira Group was launched in 2012 with a vision of bringing people together to strengthen and connect Asia’s diverse economy through social and economic strategies that cater to the unique Asian market, particularly China and Southeast Asia nations. 

Today, Tahira is a branding platform for creative, innovative businesses spanning manufacturing, education, finance, logistics, technology, and social. These businesses strive to build a presence in their targeted Asian countries, sharing and integrating their companies to meet best practices. We hope to use Tahira to position Malaysia as the hub of South East Asia, with its air route and Silk Road initiative. By promoting, exchanging, and aggregating natural resources, consumer products, banking and finance solutions, and science and technology, we are driving economic growth in the region and its surrounding countries. 

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It's all about integrity, innovation, collaboration, and bringing people together.

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