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Our Industries

We seek to customize our country-specific strategies to our client's needs and provide initiatives relevant to the industries and the future.

Image by Ilya Cher

Logistics & Transportation

The massive transition in the transportation and logistics industry due to changes in customers' expectations post-pandemic has led us to a new business approach in the area of airports and airlines, logistics, delivery, ports, shipping, and warehousing.

On Site Gas Production


With the energy transformation and current network challenges, we optimize energy production, infrastructure, and use by supporting the exploration and development of related sources in the production and supply of energy. 

Image by Marcin Jozwiak

Land Development

Collaborating with the government and other related stakeholders, we are ready to escalate and provision any needs within the industry that focus on land acquisition, planning & development, appraisal, finance, and investment.

Solar Energy

Green Technology

In the midst of the renewable energy transition that continues to evolve, green technology transformed our lives in unimaginable ways even a decade ago. We are ready to go forward and address the ever-evolving industry with reliable alternatives through technology for a better future.

A man and a woman traveling


With the recovering growth of social economy, we contribute to the economic development of the local and international region through various innovative tourism services and activities that offer customers a halal leisure experience.

People Attending Class

People Development

We believe in people as the source of growth. Prioritizing people's development with suitable strategies, systematic approaches, and measures through appropriate qualifications is the umbrella of achieving personal and professional goals. 

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