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Welcome to Tahira Group

Tahira Group is a platform for creative, innovative businesses spanning manufacturing, education, finance, logistics, technology, and social, striving to establish a solid presence in Asia by positioning Malaysia as the hub of South East Asia, with its air route and Silk Road initiative. We are fostering economic growth in the area and its neighboring nations by promoting, trading, and aggregating natural resources, consumer items, banking, finance solutions, and science and technology.


Our comprehensive services and strategies are consolidated with profound practical industry experience in a varied selection of sectors to assist clients in addressing challenges and responding to opportunities in the best way possible.

Industry Projects

We commit to high-value integrity, innovation, and collaboration between industry and organizations, including private sectors and government cohesion. We strive to tailor our country-specific strategies based on client's needs and put forward our projects to fit the future.  


By drawing on our extensive industry knowledge and experience, we are able to assist a wide arrange of well-established and start-up enterprises to develop and preserve long-term business value leading to more robust performance growth.

"The soul of a successful business is about having faith, passion, and conviction."

-Vincent Tan-

Founder and CEO of Tahira Group


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